a little it about this dream-self
60+, male
Interest in spirituality, tarot, astrology from mom at early age.

Started practicing Surat Shabda yoga at 15 (introduction to karma,
reincarnation, levels of consciousness, guru, vegetarian)
Zazen in my 20’s + Be Here Now – MAJOR impression + ram dass always resonated for me
Sought enlightenment – confusing it with unicity and such – in order to escape the feelings of not being home and suffering in daily life.

Then, mostly walked in circles till 40’s when Power of Now
ignited practice (“can you stop thinking at will?”)
Then tony parson – his message was so powerful seeking
dropped for a while.
Started again, read mckenna and took The First Step.
False awakening a year later
Some experiences of awakening a year after that. But mostly Makyo.
Polluted my mind and body with drugs and dimmed the awareness and basically gave up practice for the next 14 years.
Lots of suffering – went to a therapist here who turns out is into ND as well – what are the odds?

And then last week, the absurdity of self-loathing over making a lasagna “not perfectly”
popped me back into practice and I “knew” I needed to break the thought stream.
“Accidentally” found Eckhart’s video on stopping excessive thinking, and that led to real progress.

Now following Ramana Maharshi’s  practice of  self-inquiry and focusing on the seat of awareness.

All of which has led to a significant shift in personality – dropping sadness, anger, fear, worry and allowing peace,love, joy, happiness to shine forth.

And the practice continues.