In the Goo

Friday, September 9, 2011

Life in ‘The Goo’

Recently talking about how it is to live in the undefined region.

No definition to relationships. No definition to life situation.
No definition to work.
All undefined
The term “the Goo” came to me – the place where it is all undefined. Like a chrysalis.
Like certain Grateful Dead Jams – where there would be a period of time when they weren’t really playing any one song (or, all songs at once) and then a melody or rhythm would appear and the song would form.
Caused by a particular band member or played through them?
Sometimes hard to tell.
And, the longer I stay in the goo the better the outcome.
As if choosing, forming, deciding, creating too early stifles what is yet to come.
This can be very hard at times. I get the feeling of wanting to pick…well, anything, just to have finally made something form, exert some type of control.
To let that go and patiently wait for of the hardest things I’ve done.
December 18, 2022: First written in 2011 and in the 11 years since then, as true today as it was then. And the concept has helped many others.