Local vs. Non-local Knowing

Monday, July 19, 2010

There appears to be three ways we know:

1. Via the Senses ( i include internal mental objects with this)
2. Reasoning (a=b, b=c, therefore a = c)
3. Direct knowing (Wolff: introception, knowing through identity)
Reading about quantum mechanics, specifically local and non-local phenomena:
When an electron quantum jumps from one energy state to another, it does so in a discrete jump, not a continuous movement (like beaming in star trek, for example, as opposed to taking an elevator between floors).
However, the big question is: where does the electron “go” during the jump?
It is said to go out of space-time. It ceases to exist.
So, it bips out of space-time-existence at one energy level and bips back in at another..
Oh, and it doesn’t just bip back in…it comes back into space-times-existence when it is observed by consciousness. (Enlightenment Opportunity: if you have sufficient personal power you can use this as a portal inward...)
In a sense, consciousness grounds the possibility into reality.
OK, cool, but so what? What does that have to do with me?
Have you had an experience of reasoning? You reason out and solve a problem. It follows a series of steps and can even be said to feel or be “continuous” (in a sense, work with me here).
Compare this with the feeling of direct “Ah Ha!” insight and knowing. We’ve all had it. Think about a time when suddenly you just KNEW…with tons of knowing and creative energy and you are just bursting forth and you feel like you know everything at once and not in a linear way -but comes in waves and seems VAST.
So, perhaps….
Reasoning happens via the (egoic) brain-mind. And, thought, as conveyed by neurons in the brain, in space-time-existence must obey the physical laws of the universe – which means information cannot travel faster then light. Now, light is fast and this is why thinking can seem so fast. Still, the experience of reasoning seems “limited” in comparison.
What if Direct Knowing (like the little electron on a jump) occurs non-locally, outside of space-time-existence…in the middle of the IS?
If this direct knowing is connecting with being the Universal Consciousness, then as this consciousness, there is direct, immediate, instantaneous (nonlocal = outside of space-time, remember?) access to all knowledge and all consciousness that is, was or will be.
(I can’t testify to the last one – but nothing is impossible, so…)
This may be why direct insight feels so Vast, Fast and HUGE. Because it IS (pun intended).
So what, you asked earlier?
By allowing that direct connection to not be blocked, resisted, or slowed down by the mind, one accesses ALL. You are having a Direct Experience of the IS (aka Reality, Universal Consciousness, God, grape jam, whatever). Without leaving the comfort of your chair.
How cool is that?
(No literal truth has been presented here, it is a story, nothing more.)