Seems like the right thing to do at the time

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When asked “why did you do something,” how often have you responded this way. At the time, the path whatever it was, “good or bad” felt “right” and you took it.
Ego insists that “You” are the author of your actions, you control them , you decide what to do.

But is this really true?

For example, where did the idea to do something come from or the idea that a choice needs to be made in the first place?
And, once that choice is presented, WHY does one choice “feel right” and another not right? (I don’t mean right and wrong in terms of morality. I mean right and wrong in terms of approach-avoidance.)

If you ‘re honest and look closely, you cannot say with 100% certainty where the idea came from or why you ended up making a certain choice. You just do.
Best that can be said is that there is witnessing of the choice.
So, while you are certainly the actor, you are not the author.

And if you aren’t, then who or what is?