The Missing Conversation

Monday, June 28, 2010

Watching Devil’s Advocate again last night reminded me of an insight i had into the Whole God-Satan thing.
Accepted mythology is that Lucifer, the Best Angel, rebelled against God – started a holy war and was cast out of heaven (by Jesus if you read Paradise Lost) and into Hell and became the central force for evil on earth. Evil for man to prove himself against…

Most of what I have read on the subject says Lucifer was innately rebellious.

But, what if he wasn’t? Here’s the missing conversation (takes place before Lucifer’s rebellion)
God: Lucifer, my best, most talented and trusted angel, I have a huge task for you.
Lucifer; Yes God whatever it is , how can I be of service?
G: Well, I’ve created this dualistic universe and I need a “god” to play the role of evil to my good.
L: Okay….(seeing where this is going)
G: This god will be reviled and feared and hated for all eternity. He will be separate and at odds with me. I need my best, most talented and trusted angel to do this. I am asking you.

Now this is where it gets a bit fuzzy. Lucifer agreed to do it…by starting the rebellion! His rebellion was not against God as such, it was against what God was asking him to do – what he was being banished to do. So, his “No I don’t want to do that” became the basis of the energy that allowed him to be Satan.

AND, he ends up doing gods will anyway by “resisting/rebelling against” god’s will.
How perfect is that?

But, it’s all God’s will, right, so there was really no choice involved.
I like to think the Intense Anger and Rebellion of Lucifer was fed by his unwillingness to play the role and this intense unwillingness became the basis for Satan’s Evil and hatred and Rebellion.

Anyway, a different take on the story.