What Keeps You Stuck Is Your Belief in Your Own Existence

Saturday, June 6, 2009

You believe you exist in space-time.
You believe you exist as a brain-consciousness enclosed in a meat-popsicle body.
You believe you were born, will grow old and die.
You believe you inherited traits genetically from your parents.
You believe what you perceive is Real.
You believe what you are told or is written by others in authority is Real.
You believe what thoughts occur to you are Real.
You believe you can predict the future.
You believe you understand how your body and mind work.
You believe you are in control…of at least some things.
You believe you have to hold back, are afraid to abandon yourself completely, to lose yourself, to lose control.

You have to be willing to cease to exist to be completely free.

You have to ignore all thought, sensation, perception…to allow The Truth to emerge.