Daily Diary Monday, November 7, 2022 – Seeking Resumes

Clean sober
And shamed
I cant even assemble a fucking lasagne w/o thinking I’m fucking it up and feeling shame and like a failure (this happens almost every time I put a lasagna together you think after 25 years or more I’d get over it – you’d be wrong🤨)
AND stepped on kitty tails and toes by accident while assembling
(Big screams and kvetching)
Kitties are fine and finally ate.

Usually I’d take something
But -no weed or pills
Choosing not to drink -so as not to pollute my consciousness.
I consider that a big success.

And sure, I know
The lasagne will be fine.

My fucking ego.
It needs to be taken out and shot.

Staying clean is much easier than my next goal.
I want to stop looking at news. I’ve deleted the news app off my phone and iPad. We’ll see.
I’ll leave it to D to tell me anything critical.