Daily Diary December 19 – 25, 2022

The last week has mostly been integrating “forgetting to remember to be Joe”.

Asking folks “have you ever had an experience where you forgot to be you” – were so immersed in the experience: walks in nature, sports, movies, drugs, etc., is a good way to talk about what seems to have happened to “me” spontaneously. No “me” of course, and “me” and “I”
make less and less sense and have less and less relevance.

I move between having no thoughts and there is just the experience and times of stopping the intermediate narration.  And times when the narration is still present.

This video was useful in how they talk about the “natural state”.

So, the practice continues, sitting in silence, focusing on the heart and letting it all unfold.

Without non-ordinary reality experiences, there seems less and less inclination to blog.

Though, laziness is talking over and there is less and less inclination to do much.

We’ll see.