Managing the Exuberance

November 17, 2022

Managing the Exuberance

Since the thought stream broke a week ago for the first time there have been multiple days of intense energy that I call the Current*. I wouldn’t describe it as “bliss”.

Sometimes it gets to the point where my hands shake. Driving was a challenging at times. Fortunately, my awareness is very clear when the Current is up, so paying close attention was easy.

While I’ve had experiences with the Current before, it never went away and came back so many times and with regularity. It is the Current that seems to power the clarity and laser focus with which I know things instantly. I’ve now been up for almost 20 hours and the Current was full on, then banked back, then full on again. I’m having to make sure to eat a lot of calories as I seem to burn more in this state.

*Note: I am not using Current here as Franklin Wolf does in “PathwaysTthrough to Space”. His “Current of Ambrosia” seems a different thing.

Curious what your thoughts are as to the purpose of the Current – I’d like to think it’s burning out old tapes and conditioning.

And, how do you manage it? Or do you even try?

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