Random Thoughts -2

Tuesday November 22, 2022
Going to Costco and TJs was like walking into a firefight. But my interaction with staff was good- Costco membership lady, clerk at TJs
Also, when dealing with others on the path, on Reddit and Discord, specifically
Feels like being in a super crowded train station.
I’m heading directly to my platform and train.
While most everyone else is milling about aimlessly or going to the wrong platforms or bumping into each other, or the walks, or whatever.
And they are really worked up about it.
Better analogy
We’re all on the cruise ship
And I’m heading to my cabin to get dressed for supper
And everyone is milling about and stressing over and trying to control the ship to make sure it  gets to where it’s going anyway.
Asleep at 9 -ish
Awake at 11:30
Laid awake until 12:30 and got up to eat.
Really thought I could think myself back to sleep
Counted down from 10 a couple times.
Pfffft nothing.
I can hear bob l. giggling from over here about that counting stuff. Oh, just stop it!
Maintaining weight still a challenge.
Moved to rice+honey+cinnamon
D thinks it’s gross,
But that’s how my parents got me to eat rice when we’d go the The Rice Bowl in Chicago for Chinese food on Sundays.
And I think like 1/2 the world eats rice like that as a form of pudding.😆
When I awoke at 11:30 I deliberately did not go into meditation since that tends to wake me fully.
However, my meditation practice of focusing attention seems to be bleeding over into non-meditative times and seems to be ‘taking over’.
I’ve never experienced anything in 38 years of ‘meditation’. Must be making up for lost time 🫥😆
So I went from having to consciously focus my attention on the feeling of I in my head to it being easier to attend to  to it being drawn to that and started to feel like a magnet, drawing my attention to actually not have to  even think about doing it – it was just there in the attention, and I would have to actually consciously pull attention away which I could not do.
That’s what I call the practice taking over
I and who am I are not mantras
This is very different, fundamentally from a mantra.
A mantra becomes just another thought and occupies the mind while we do other activities.
I and who am changed brain physiology:
It it don’t stick, it ain’t worth shit.
‘Course, we can’t put that on the cover
Wolf- The Current is less when doing objective tasks.
This would probably be his way of explaining the reduction in the DNM Center
He would have loved this.
Many explanations from the past got rewritten with current evolved understanding
Exorcism, hysteria breakdown of consciousness in the bicameral mind.
Self-referential internal narrative (SRIN)
Don Juan stopping internal dialog

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