November 17,2022

Dr. ***, first visit Oct 27, 2022

Nov 7th, Lasagna,

Dr. *** Nov 10th

Start with Tolle practice Friday Nov 11

Continue Saturday Nov 12 – casa photos that night – clear

Late Nov 12 – reversal of foreground and background understanding of the one manifesting as practice.

Early Sunday Nov 13, tears in meditation, Emergence of clarity and exuberance, knowing I’m home, love for D my goddess, dropping of sadness and worry and fear. Came down with cold late that night.

Monday 11/13 in contraction from cold.

Tuesday 11/14 Exuberance – calls with Jeff and Bob G.

Wednesday 11/15  shame over poor treatment of Sean and bad pointers.

Cleared by sending Tolle pointers

10:30 pm – Clarity and Exuberance, knowing search light, apology to Sean, spirit in practice, I love Us, channeling for friends and family.

Thursday 11/16 – Yoga in the am – feeling of foreign joe-ness floats away

Day off from work, exuberance down, then up again for visit with Dr. Buckley

Friday, 11/16 – work day – went ok.

Reading Conceptual clarity, Awakening and Liberation and then Maharshi’s description of end state of Jnani – let down, feelings of not enough progress, can’t do that, too weird, unattractive, too much work. Then, later relaxing and realize this happens over a long period of time and might not be so bad. Which led to:

Saturday 11/17 Started reading Maharshi and learned correct practice of  I and who am I

Talked to sister.

George and the house with D. Great time with G/F/D and clearly showing up differently

Noticing of the arising of Ahimsa – non-violence in thought word and deed. Resulting return to vegetarianism and sattvic foods.

started Be Here Now – seeing it in a new light

10:30 pm awake and clear, practicing and started Om chant, and

Sunday 11/18 – trying to sleep holding “relax” and ”sleep” in mind  only partially successful.

Realization mind is machine – good servant bad master, can answer questions when put to it – like a search engine – So who Am I leads to the answer shining through in love, compassion, stillness…+ cat questions

Asked question: what is meaning of life and instant answer was – service to others.

Apology to J

Feeling of calm and still, no emotions, unless needed.

Have to exert effort to think of technical issues at work – leave it for Monday.

Started this timeline






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