Self-Inquiry Dialog with S

Guided Self-Inquiry with S.
Q: Please define what you mean by "soul", and I'd be happy to answer.
Doing great, thank you. Hope you have a great thnaksgiving as well.
Quick answer: It's a concept like all others. What of it?
Q; Well the reason I ask is non dualism and the existence of a soul are both just theories, right?
A: Yes, Everything is a concept in the mind.
Q: Well I even pump the breaks on that to an extent. Physical reality clearly exists. Whether it exists in the mind or otherwise won't change that
A: Yes, physical reality appears to "clearly" exist to the mind. Beyond the mind - in Pure Awareness - is it only concepts and sensation  that arise, including the mind.  Since all you know and can "know" is in the mind, the external reality appears to be real and exist. Upon deep inspection it is seen to  be all mental thoughts. Ramana Maharshi explains this ever so clearly. Please take time to read this "Who Am I section:
Q: Don't you reach a point where you realize all of these lengthy responses to simple questions are just mental maturation? I earnestly and honestly ask this question. My intellect is certainly appealed to by going down that road with you but if I had this discussion about what's real and so on, at the end of the day if I cut myself it hurts
A: Yes, there is the appearance of body sensation in the mind and with that pain. The Pure Awareness is beyond and contains all that.
Q:Explain pure awareness. That sounds like my kind of thing lol
A: OK, Do you exist?
Q: I have something I wrote a out it
A: Yes or no?
Q: One sec I'll send it
Q: Yes
A: nope - I won't read it.
TY now, how do you know you exist?
bear with me.
Q: Because if I stab myself it hurts, others recognize my existence socially, I think therefore I am
A: How do you know it hurts?
Q: Signals to my brain tell me
A: I'm feeling charitable after a long night hanging out with Pure Awareness.
You are -aware- of the pain, yes?
A: signals to the brain is just more concepts.
Q: Yes, and I'm aware that I exist and so do you


A: Well, I exist for you in your mind. "I" - joe form is not really in  your mind, correct?
Q: Correct
Q: I understand everything and everyone I've ever experienced could be my own mind, or the mind of the one
A: Let's leave such concepts alone for now it's just going to trip you up and distract you from the Truth.
So, this awareness must precede everything - by definition. And is always there and active - even during deep sleep, correct? Otherwise what "wakes you up"
Q: Right, my awareness is what I experience
A: I need to go finish yoga - my thought form needs the stretching
Read through this post -specifically the comments by BVelo.
Ah now we get to it. What is that I - are you aware of the sense of I ?
Q: I just want your explanation of pure awareness. All this clarifying terms and so on, when I tell you look at that red car you see a red car and say there it is. What's pure awareness?
Just lay it out and see what happens
A: Read my responses and how it works.
I was able to focus on the I and then asked the question- who am i is aware of the "I"
Answer was "me" - so then i asked who am i and it led to the realization I am this vast vast field of Pure Awareness that is the "ground state" of all. This is true  for "all" of us.
Q: Which is baked in the separation from our body
That only defines thought.
I am more than thought
A: Pure Awareness is what we all are.  Undifferentiated, undefined, immovable, unchanging. it is what all things arise from. 
Mind arises first, then the thought "I" then the rest of the world. Read the maharshi paper - he lays it out quite well.
A: How do you know - through direct experience - that you are more than thought?
A: That pure awareness is right there with you - behind or underneath all that is going on for you - It's Right There! But, your attention is focused on the creations of the mind - thoughts and sense perception (which are thoughts) and so we "miss' the subtle truth of what we are., But it's right there,, right now , always. It cannot be otherwise.
Q: I can accept what you are saying but it doesn't bring me any dread. That I'm just a temporary manifestation of the one witnessing things happen fed by an illusory ego that allows me to think I'm in control. I'm really ok with that.
Things are simply happening and to think why is literally pointless
A: Great, sounds like you have a very clear conceptual understanding and you're not resisting it so shifting your attention and allowing the truth  to enter is much easier.
Q: Ok
Hit me
I'm not talking about why I'm causality in this case.
Like why I'm the one, asking myself about my own existence within my own mind.
To you, an extension of myself

A: I Need to practice yoga. Read the marharshi paper and the thread and try just sitting and focus attention on I - that is how I did it.
Q: In a dream which exists within my own mind and encompasses all that is?
A: Because it's your nature to do so.
A: No, the Pure Awareness is not a dream within your mind. It can said it's the other way around.
A: I'll check back later- give it a try and lets see.
Love you

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