The Microverse defined

I discovered the microverse as a space between awake and the dream state.
I noticed that in that in-between state an entire universe – complete in all details –  is created and it contains a certain situation or scenario.
To refer to Carl Sagan in order to make an apple pie you need the first create the universe.
What I find interesting is that the microverse  created is effectively, infinite like the current universe. You can go as far as you want in any direction and it is complete just like the ‘real’ universe.
And why not? the mind creates the ‘real’ external universe in the exact same way.
This can tie into what I saw of consciousness, tweezing out objects from the formless, bringing them into form, so consciousness is able to create objects from nothing, and those objects, being created out formless consciousness know how to be what they are : so a table for example, knows how to be a table. It doesn’t change into a chair. It doesn’t dissolve into a fish. Unless it’s supposed to.
Also, think about in with psychedelics and other types of things, you get your own personal ‘reality’
sandbox, so you don’t mess up other people’s ‘reality’
From DMT
That there was a Vastness, Source from which everything came and originated  and reality – form – was the mind chopping up /molding of formless source into form. The formless is constrained and restrained to produce the shape and existence of Form. Formless is the basis of form.
There is the sense that
1. Effort (intent or will) was needed to “carve out” a form from the Vastness. There was also a sense of knowing what and how to carve to get the desired form (like a chair a sky or a person). Not carve so much as define with thought. Almost seemed the object, if it was already known, tended to help define itself (?)
2. The effort of conceiving the Pure Vastness reduced the purity and introduced an “impurity’ in a sense. So, that form created by thought is not the Purity itself.(6/12/12: a tension was felt/sensed in forming/constraining the Pure Vastness)
3. After a form was carved out it became real and part of the experienced form of reality – thought and form. It then “knew how to be itself” based on its nature. There never was a sense of telling things how to be or act. Everything just knew how to be itself – how to play out its nature. Like objects in OOP.
Making things from the source was effortless and easy but also required will – things did not arise out of the Source unless pulled out by the mind. The mind really did separate out and draw distinction between things – thereby bringing these things into form. Sometimes a sense of willing to create some thing, some times ”told, informed or ‘just knew’” what to create and that I had to create. Some things were left for me to choose, some were foisted upon me.
Per the movie, inception, we create and perceive at the same time, like creating the bridge, which holds us up at the same time.
We can discover new world’s that don’t exist because we make it up as we go.

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