Daily Diary Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Awake about 1 AM couldn’t sleep because of cat positioning came downstairs read a little bit and then slept a little bit and then meditated for probably an hour, hour and a half off and on which is really good. Finally woke up around 5:30 5:45 got up for a little bit better.

I am wondering if the flared awareness will be coming back or if the awareness light as I call it which is around all the time and seems to be the natural state is the extent.

Yes, I seem to miss it a bit as I can get more done more quickly or directly in the flared awareness.

Did enjoy meeting G. last night and look forward to more discussions with him. I’m not quite sure what we’re going to be talking about. I wonder if there’s some collaborative effort between us that we could write maybe a book or a series of articles.

It might be interesting to see the contrast between one who kind of came about it naturally, and happened over a long period of time and one who didn’t work traditional search and seeking and approach

There is noticing that stillness awareness presence is more and more of the ground state and more awareness. A few thoughts arising long periods of time of no thought, and along with that peace.
Still meditating, using focusing on the eye and who am I to break thought stream.
So they’re happening less and less.
There is still the interpretation or stop over in Storyland between the intent or will and the action I continue to work on that.

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