It’s All Good – except for the bits that aren’t

It used to really make my blood boil when people used that phrase -” It’s All Good” seemingly so lightly.

That is a very strong pointer to a very deep truth – and it takes a lot to get to that.

Although the real wording of the pointer is “It’s all equal” – meaning the  content of perception is all equal. It’s just content, nothing better or worse. I’ve heard some use ‘same’ as in “it’s all the same” – but that doesn’t really work because clearly it’s not – that red chair here is not the “same” as that blue chair over there.

But to the awareness,  the content is all “equal” – it’s just content – not good or bad – not better or worse – no preferences – no judgements – the Awareness does not care what the content is.

And I can blow a hole the size of a whale in that “it’s all good” remark (apologies – re-reading Mckenna vol 2 and it’s whales all the way down).

So how to show someone quickly “it’s not all good”? Well, how about people dying of starvation and puppies in ovens and babies on bayonets.

Is all that “good” as well? Pretty much not.

That usually ends the conversation and people drift away from me – can’t imagine why. (JK) – I stopped doing that stuff at parties. But, not sure how I’ll show up these days as I have no idea what I’ll say next.

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