Daily Diary November 28, 2022

Normal sleep, still sweating vivid dreams
Up at 4ish yoga, irritable, no emotional affect.
tried to meditate I/who am I – could not focus, kept falling asleep.
Gave up at 8 mins into it, gave up and curled up and tried to sleep for another hour.
Didn’t sleep as such, but got rested, or awake enough to meditate
Was able,to focus on I/who am I, then it seems thought of I faded and there  was just emptiness and stillness. The body-mind just there and stillness behind it and all around it.
Up at 7, good mood. Feeling better.
Read humblepawns response at lunch. Knowledge and understanding are what comes from the Realization
And that changes me.
Session with Sarah. Very good, and she seemed to stop and get the truth about being pure awareness
And liked the Ramana essay.
Ahimsa seems to be gone, so meat and fish are ok.
Searing too, but let’s watch that. There is a lot of violence there.

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