Daily Diary Friday December 9. 2022

Friday December 9 2022

Biggest thing today was trying to remember a negative life shock to demonstrate the clearing process for Dr L. I searched and searched and searched and really could not come up with a negative life shock. I had a wowser the day after, but at that point no life shock.

So I pulled a minor one out that was recent – that in the old days wouldn’t even have counted. LOL.

I re-experienced the life shock, felt the emotion and feeling and started in on the mind talk and quickly, after one sentence, got to:
“Well maybe he was mad or maybe he was disappointed or maybe he was something else.”

At that point, I abruptly stopped looked up and realized I’ve never in all my years of probably hundreds of clearings – both for myself and others – ever, ever heard the mind use the word maybe.

That was such a shock it blew me right out of the process. The intense laugher cleared me right up. I was just laughing for so long because very few people would even be able to appreciate that!
I could appreciate it and it was just great – that the mind is changed so much that it doesn’t really even in do mind talk in absolutes.

For example, the mind typically says things like this persons an idiot this person is trash. She’s a bitch, it’s always gonna be like this,  it’s never gonna be like that, they’re always gonna do this to me. Absolutes,.

I’ve never heard a “maybe” in my life and  maybe turns out to be true mind talk – maybe he was mad. I don’t know, I haven’t checked it out yet so that would turn out to be a real don’t know. Pretty funny.

So, more to the point, the mind has changed and the mind talk it produces is less caustic and less seeing or experiencing situations as so negative.

Until the next day. More on that December 11, 2022.

Another thing  being noticed is what I’m saying. Usually there’s nothing in my head I haven’t rehearsed anything and what comes out is just what comes out,. Talking to a clerk while buying some cards at a Hallmark store, she said no use complaining it’ll never change. and I said ” well maybe it’s the way you complain”

and she said “maybe i don’t need to complain so loudly ”

I said well, not necessarily maybe it’s how you do it. And then from somebody else popped out the words “it’s OK to ask for what you want.  And it seemed perfect for her.  Wow love it.