Daily Diary December 12, 2022 – Peace that surpasses understanding

In meditation this morning, the first half hour was tough as usual and then got much easier. Actually it might not have been the first whole half hour. It might be getting easier sooner.

But once the first half hours done, the remaining period of time was simply amazing – no sense of time passing – the alarm would go off and I’d reset for another five minutes and another five minutes and another five minutes and would’ve kept going if I didn’t have a call at the top of the hour.

The piece was phenomenal – I don’t know what to say about it.

There was still some very light mind activity and thoughts in the background way in the background. But even so, I need to just keep bringing my attention back to my hands or just simply the peace itself would work.

I did notice that even a little bit of thought in the background detracted from or ever so slightly polluted  the overall peace. There also is also a sense of seeing something or going somewhere deeper, and that was effected by the thoughts as well.

So next time, need to work much more carefully and clear the thoughts and keep them clear and keep bringing it back to the peace and stillness.

Also ran over how I would take someone through a meditation from initial questions of how do you value truth & how does it feel for you to be in alignment with truth, to do you exist, to feeling presence, to thoughts ,to illusion of thoughts, to illusion of thoughts of self, and eventually focusing on the presence itself.